Baptised on Easter Day

BaptismAfter years of not getting round to it, and months of waiting, I was baptised at my church yesterday, on Easter Day! Here’s what I said:

I always used to think that I knew best. But when I was 18, I went to a friend Charlie’s baptism, and after that, we used to chat a lot, and he talked about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. So, when a couple from St John’s Church in Woodbridge offered to do a Bible course about “who was Jesus?” I thought that would be a good opportunity for me to point out, gently, that they were wrong, … and that I knew best!

But I wasn’t counting on what would happen when I looked at the copy of Luke’s gospel that they had left with me. As I read it right through, twice, the words became real to me. I have always remembered the conviction that what I was reading was true, even more absolutely true than 2 + 2 = 4. A couple of days ago, it just struck me that Luke’s second sentence says that he wrote his gospel about Jesus “so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught”.

Who was this man Jesus, I wondered, who spoke with such authority? So a few chapters later on, when Jesus said to his disciples, “Follow me,” I knew I had to follow Him – whatever that meant – or to live in denial, because I couldn’t “un-know” what God’s Holy Spirit had made me see. I should have been baptised at the time, but it just never came up in church – so here I am now.

And through everything in life – and seriously, I could write a book already! – God has always been faithful and loving and good, He has never let me go, and over and over again, I keep learning to trust that HE does actually know best! You see, following Jesus hasn’t come naturally to me – I’ve ignored Him, disobeyed Him, and not loved my neighbour as God loves us. And that’s why I need Easter. Jesus didn’t only die for our sins, but His resurrection shows that there’s new life too. Which is what baptism is about – as I go through the water, it represents nothing to do with me, but the gift from God, available to everyone, which is new life.

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